Alarms are Monitored 24 Hours a day by our sister company Alert Monitoring.

Alert Monitoring was founded in 1994 after all major national companies pulled out of Dunedin and we felt that there was a need for a professional monitoring station in Dunedin.

Over our years of operation Alert Monitoring has grown and now employs 14 staff. Alert Monitoring have continually upgraded their monitoring equipment as new systems have been developed and they remain at the pinnacle of our profession.

Smoke detection

These smoke detectors are connected and powered from the security controller and in the event of a fire the internal & external sirens will pulse off and on to alert you. The controller will send a signal to the monitoring station who will advise the fire service.

External Siren

This siren is installed on the front of your premises and in the event of an alarm the siren sounds and the light flashes. This unit is double skinned giving protection against physical attach. It comes with its own standby battery and flashing light. The siren sounds for 8 minutes and the light flashes for 10 minutes, at which stage the system automatically resets. Further intrusion will cause the alarm to reactivate.

Internal Siren

These sirens are extremely loud and high pitched and are designed to drive people out of the building as soon as possible.

Warning Signs

Warning signs always remain our property and are provided at no charge.


In order for an intruder alarm to comply with New Zealand Standard 4301-1993 it is considered necessary to have intruder alarms serviced on a 6 monthly basis.